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Keep your promise – deliver 100% Spelt 


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Consumers who choose spelt products expect 100% spelt-based and wheat-free ingredients

Read some random picked consumer feedbacks found on food manufactures web sites. 

What does a (supposedly) wholegrain spelt bread bring me, if it does contain wheat, just like regular wheat bread?! Very disappointing, that (brand name) does not offer a wheat-free version.
Aurelia K.

from Germany

Do I always have to read the tiny little ingredient list, to make sure that a declared toast spelt bread is actually a spelt bread and no wheat has been added? I am usually a fan of (brand name) products, but in this case I am really disappointed
Peter H.

from Austria

As the spelt toast bread also contains wheat, i CANNOT eat it. Therefore I have to search wherelse. Why are consumers always misled?? Why don’t you just name it «Spelt/wheat bread» on the front of pack, instead of hiding the wheat ingredients with small letters….

Petra S.

from Switzerland

First I was excited to see that (brand name) developped a spelt toast bread. However after reading the ingredient list the excitement was over, as it contains wheat unfortunatelly.

So I have to buy my spelt bread elsewhere now.

Frank P.

from Germany

Adding wheat gluten doesn’t make your spelt product 100% spelt

Keep your promise – add Becodur® Dinkel

What’s the value of Becodur® Dinkel in bakery products?

Baking volume, shape maintenance

Bread, bread rolls

Spelt flour leads to a lower quality bread than wheat flour (lower volume, less dough structure, more compact bread) which is less appealing to consumers. Adding Becodur® Dinkel into spelt bread dough brings significant volume improvement (40% on average).

It also helps to keep a specific shape, for bread rolls for exemple. While a dough without added gluten might spread out, Becodur® Dinkel brings structure to support the shape while leavening.

This opens up opportunities for innovation!

Stability after schock freezing, physical dough aeration

Croissant, short crust pastry

When a frosting phase occurs in the production process of your spelt croissants, you might notice a loss in volume and decrease in quality of the final product. Becodur® Dinkel stabilizes the product during freezing, and therefore insures a high quality croissant or short crust pastry. This stabilisation also improves the physical dough aeration.

Elasticity, softness, indulgence


Spelt flour, when used as such, leads to dry, short and unelastic textures in baked goods. Sweet breads like brioche, Zopfbrot, milkbread rolls etc. taste best when they are soft, moist and indulgent! Adding Becodur® Dinkel to your spelt sweet breads will dramatically improve the eating experience.

Machinability, reducing dough stickiness

Pizza dough

When processing a dough like pizza dough, stickiness is a key parameter which might impact output. Adding 1-2% of Becodur® Dinkel (on flour base) solves the problem, yet keeping a great texture in the final product once baked.

What is Becodur® Dinkel?

Becodur® Dinkel is vital gluten extracted from spelt with a Blattmann-specific process. It enables to formulate premium spelt products, without adding wheat gluten, hence “100% spelt”

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